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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but it is quick and easy. Either phone the Information Commissioner’s Office office on 0303 123 1113 or visit their website - Either way the experience is quick and painless. It will cost you £35 a year.
What do I put in "Mobile Message", or "Work message". These are important instructions to yourself, So it might be as simple as "OK to leave a message". You client may ask you to just say your first name and ask the client to call back.
You might want the date to stand out. (You might put date and "session 5" in red). You might use different colours for different types of notes. Say black for case notes, blue of e-mails and brown for letters. It’s your database, use it the way that works best for you.
We realise that safenotes is storing your data and that one day you may want to leave us, or retire. This option lets you save your data as a CSV (Comma separated values) file that can be read by other software, including MS Excel.

By clicking on the title at the top of a column in the client list view you can sort all your clients by the subject of that column. So by clicking on Case Number you will sort all your Notes in case number order. Click again and you will reverse the sort order.

By clicking on Referral Date you will sort all your clients into referral date order and by clicking the same heading again you will reverse the order.

If you click on Name you will sort by client name order. The safenotes will sort on the first letter of the first name, so Fred Blogs would be sorted under F. If you want him to be sorted under B you should write his name Blogs, Fred in your record.

The Find function will work on either name, or even a part of a name.

This is so that the computer can sort them in chronological order. This may look a little funny to start with, but you will soon get used to it.
No, just the information you need. Obviously, you will need to insert the clients name, but beyond that it is up to you.
If you are seeing clients for someone else, you may need this information. Working for EAP is an excellent example of this. It does not matter if you do not complete this box.
This is where you can record how your client found you. You may record "counselling directory", "Google", "GP", "other professional" or the like. This is a free form field so you can put anything you like in that box.
The website refers to EAP a lot on the Admin Tab. This stands for Employee Assistance Programme. If EAPs refer clients to you, you will need to record their reference number, their telephone number etc because you will often need to talk to them. Additionally, you will often report information to them on their website and so there is space for your username and password for their website under that tab.

Yes, every time your computer accesses our server the two computers agree a password between them, which is only used for that session. No one, other than the two computers, will know that password and information from either computer can only be accessed by using that password.

In addition you will need your own username and password to log-on to the site and we recommend that you change your password periodically.

You will see your name on the right hand side of the green bar on the Homepage. Click on Your Name, and then Profile. Next click on the tab Password and enter your new password, enter the same word again as a double check to ensure that you have not made a mistake. Do not simply copy the first word and then paste into the second box. If you have made a mistake on the first word you will not then know what your password is!
Congratulations, of course you can change your name. You will see your name on the right hand side of the green bar on the Homepage. Click on your (old) name, and then Profile. You can then alter any of the information on this page.
You will see your name on the right hand side of the green bar on the Homepage. Click on Your Name, and then Profile. You can alter any of the information on this page.

Leaving a page does not automatically save it. You need to click the button Update Client (or Add Client if it is a new one). If you forget the site prompts you by asking “Are you sure you wish to exit without saving?” If you click OK you will leave the page without saving your changes. If you click Cancel you can then save the page.

Occasionally you may leave the page open for too long and the site will "time out”. In those circumstances you cannot save the page and what you should do is to highlight the area you have recently added and copy it to your clipboard by typing “cmd+ C” on a Mac, or “control + C” on a PC. Next open up the page again and you can Paste the information you have just saved it to your clipboard by typing “cmd+ V” or Mac, or “control + V” on a PC.

Click on the "Documents" tag in a client record. To add a new file click on "Upload file" and then navigate to the file and click "Choose". To download a file you have already uploaded Click on "View file".

If you want to access your documents in a place where you don’t have internet access, you will need to manually export your notes. To do this click on the particular client record that you would like to print off, and then click on the tab called “Notes”. You then can then either:

  1. Copy all of your notes and paste them into a word processing program such as Word or Pages and then save the file onto your device. To do this, go to the section you want to use and drag your mouse over it to highlight the bit you are interested in and press control C on a PC (or cmd C on a Mac). This will save to a part of your computer's memory. Then open a Word Processing program, like Word or Pages and use the keyboard commands control V (or cmd V on a Mac) to paste the section into the new document. You can then save this as a file which you can use off-line.

  2. On the new editing toolbar in the “Notes” section at the right hand side of the screen you will see an icon with a picture of a printer on it. Press this icon. You then have one or two options:

    i). Select your printer and print the notes directly onto paper.

    ii). If you have a PDF print driver installed on your computer / device you can go to select a printer, and will find an option to print straight to a to a PDF file which you can then save to your device. For a video on how to do this, visit

N.B. If you do not have the functionality to print to PDF but want to find out more you will need to look for the paid for software “Acrobat Pro DC” or look for other compatible PDF Printer Driver software in your local computer stores or on the internet.